Spiritwalkers – Blu-ray Edition

After suffering an accident in which he loses his memory, every twelve hours Kang I-an (played by Yoon Kyesang) wakes up in another person’s body. A thriller filled with plenty of action. Enough to keep your brain engaged as well as your heart pounding.

Korean thrillers have a certain style and visual signature. The cinematography is always great. The pattern continues in Jae-geun Yoon’s film. The mixed with some great fight choreography makes for some attention-grabbing scenes.

The twists and turns keep coming here. Like an onion, once you solve one mystery another one turns up right away. And on and on. Plenty of complexity to sink your teeth into. Yet somehow you don’t get confused as the twists are not just added for effect, rather they are there to add to the story.

Special Features:

-Behind the Scenes

-Action Trailer