Inspired by the Shaker philosophy, the songs are designed
for small indoor or outdoor spaces.

Montreal design studio Alphabet presents its latest collection: Parvis. This four-piece series looks back to the past to offer the practicality and versatility we need in our modern, urban lives. Designed for interior use but also perfect outdoors, this furniture arrives just in time for patio season.

The pieces of this collection are handmade from solid white oak with traditional woodworking techniques. With practicality and simplicity in mind, Alphabet had the idea to reinvent the classic Folding Chair, a convenient and underrated piece of furniture. The Folding Table, Hook Set, and Step Stool were the logical additions to this elegant collection, which avoids excessive flourishes.

City life often means getting used to smaller spaces, which make these versatile pieces all the more precious. The creative minimalist design of the hybrid Parvis collection is ideal for apartments. Made for indoors, it can also be used on a balcony. It fits in lively decors, but it can also be put away effortlessly. These handy, adaptable and long-lasting objects will make you forget space constraints. 

Shakers, a religious community that had a lasting influence on minimalist design

Alphabet’s new collection is inspired by the Shaker philosophy. This American spiritual group, an offshoot of the Quakers, came to New England in the 18th century. Their Puritan values promoting hard work and a modest lifestyle led them to develop their own style of simple wooden furniture. Long considered purely utilitarian, Shaker furniture caught the attention of designers in recent years, who realized that its style and craftsmanship anticipated contemporary minimalism. The Shakers were basically known for that, even more so than their religious beliefs. Here is a timeless style that had a major impact on modern design and architecture. It still fascinates collectors to this day.

The Parvis collection is mainly inspired by the Shaker aesthetics, which is functional without compromising on elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. The Hook Set, which makes it possible to hang up the furniture in order to make your life simpler, is a direct reference to the Shaker discipline. 

This collection also draws inspiration from Alphabet’s collaboration with the Carrefour solidaire CCA du quartier Centre Sud for the creation of the furniture of the Épicerie populaire Trois Paniers. Offering maximum comfort, versatility and robustness, the Parvis Chair is right at home in that busy community space.

These latest creations can be seen in Alphabet’s new showroom, which the studio acquired less than a year ago. Open to the public, this space enhances the shopping experience by allowing clients to see past and current Alphabet collections first-hand.

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