The Wake

A film (shot in Ontario) that will hit the target of your heart. You can kinda see what is going to happen and still, you are affected. Almost go through the set up willing the inevitable not to happen. The Wake is filmmaker Luis Gerard’s third short film and is screening at festivals.

Walter Carpenter (Isaac Kragten – The War with Grandpa, The Kid Detective) is, in many ways, your typical 15-year-old as he does not always want his younger brother hanging around him. Martin (Zander Colbeck-Bhola – first film), who is deaf and mute, adores his older brother and wants to follow him everywhere. The two are growing up in a strained household in that the family business is a strange one as they own a funeral parlour and their father, Gary (Robert Fulton – appeared in episodes of Suits and The Expanse), is an alcoholic who is abusive when he drinks.

Using his brother’s devotion and the belief that his father profits off the death of others, along with wanting to rebel, Walter brings Martin along as he robs the houses of people who are dead and having services at the family funeral parlour. After a successful haul the next one does not go as well and a tragedy occurs.

Throughout the 22 minute film, written, produced and directed by Gerard, your stomach is in knots due to the inevitable you feel coming. You sit there trying to will it not to happen.

There is a feeling of fly on the wall due to the gritty realism of the film. Part is due to the tone and way it was shot as well as the fact that the young actor playing Martin is actually deaf. The entire cast learned sign language for the film. Every step was taken to make this feel real.

The short film is in production to become a feature film.

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