The Ultimatum: Marry Me or Move On – Episodes 9 & 10 on Netflix

The final two episodes (episodes 9 and 10) are available to be watched on Netflix. You get to know how the story of all of the couples involved in this Marry Me or Move On reality series ends. The wait is over.

The Ultimatum: Marry Me or Move On, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, is the sister series to Netflix’s popular Love is Blind. As crazy as Love is Blind was, The Ultimatum tries to step it up even a notch more. The red flags and toxic behaviour are everywhere. So much so that even a blind person could see them. And yet the couples go on. As uncertain as they are as to whether they are suitable or even compatible. It is craziness to the Nth degree. And yet, highly watchable. You will continue shaking your head while watching the final two episodes, but you will continue watching.

Watch Colby and Madlyn teeter on the edge of breaking up. Watch Rae and Jake get even closer. Eager to know who will end up together – original couples, new couples, or will people just walk away to be on their own? Answers will come to the questions by the end of episode 10. One way or another.

Drama is always high here. Red herrings keep being put in the viewers’ path. Twists. Turns. A lotta stuff happens over episodes 9 and 10. You won’t get out of me what. You will just have to watch.

Oh yeah, and then there is the Reunion show. Don’t expect any less craziness to happen there.