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MHz Choice brings to its subscribers a large variety of films and series from many different countries around the globe. The Family comes to us from Serbia and is an award-winning mini-series. It is part fact and part fiction. A story that takes place over three days. Not just any three days, but the 72 hours before former Serbian and Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

Milosevic was arrested on March 31, 2001. His arrest led to him being deported by International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in order to stand trial for war crimes Milosevic was accused of. He did not go quietly into the night. Here the five-part series tries to bring to life what might have happened over those last three days before his arrest.

From 1989 to 1997 former politician Slobodan Milosevic served as president of Serbia within Yugoslavia. Then he became the president of Yugoslavia from 1997 until 2000. While he was in power wars broke out between the republics. As part of the Bosnian War, the Croatian War, and the Kosovo War, Milosevic was charged in 1999 with war crimes while he was still sitting as head of the Republic of Yugoslavia. He became the first sitting head of state charged with war crimes.

During the elections of 2000, Milosevic resigned amidst cries of corruption during the voting. He was then charged with corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power. These charges did not go very far. So they were dropped and instead Milosevic was charged with war crimes.

Here is where the jumping off point is for the mini-series. We begin on March 29, 2001. What follows is a whole lot. Though there is not any real action, per se, there is plenty going on. The Family is part thriller, part family drama and part historical recreation. All interesting stuff. Especially for those who lived through this time and history buffs.

We feel the tension and tension. With the man himself and all those around him, especially his family. As the clock ticks, you see how even the alliances and allegiances within the family change. Never mind within the Yugoslavian government. The more you watch, the more you see how the man was as divisive as he was. How rarely are things like this ever clear cut. How others (family) are involved and suffer as a result. That after such bloody wars there are plenty of difficulties moving on.

The series is directed by Bojan Vuletic. He and his lead actor, Boris Isakovic, both won awards at the new Heart of Sarajevo TV Awards. Quality is everywhere here from both behind and in front of the camera. Loved how some archival footage and even actual documents were interwoven with the dramatic fare. Also, at the beginning of each episode, there is a disclaimer that appears on the screen that dramatic license has been taken in the telling of the story. We will never really know what actually happened at each turn of this story, but this series certainly gives an interesting option.

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