‘Russian Doll’ Season 1 & 2 Soundtrack Composed by JOE WONG, Available April 20th



Composed by Joe Wong – who has worked on some of Netflix’s biggest hits including Master Of None and the To All the Boys… franchise, and their critically lauded The Midnight Gospel — the album consists of his dream-like original score with highlights from the breakout first season and the highly anticipated second season. The album takes the listener on a journey through life, death, space, and time. 

The first season of Russian Doll follows a woman named Nadia who is caught in a time loop as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City. She dies repeatedly, always restarting at the same moment at the party, as she tries to figure out what is happening to her. Season Two is set four years after Nadia and Alan saved each other and escaped the time loop in Season One — but now they’re stuck in a new kind of loop. This season, Nadia and Alan discover an unexpected time portal that sends them both on an era-spanning adventure through the past. The two must search for a way out of the loop together.

“In many ways, we think of ‘Russian Doll’ as a musical, with the score serving to bridge and guide us through the rollercoaster of Nadia’s puzzle box adventure,” notes Natasha Lyonne, the show’s co-creator. “With the new season, we knew we wanted to use the investigative beats of the season one cues as a jumping off point to an ever more dense and psychedelic landing. The soundscape also allows us time to sit with some of the higher concept moments in the hopes of making them feel personal to the viewer’s life experience.”

“The score to Russian Doll is constructed much like the eponymous nesting doll,” notes Wong. “I developed a series of leitmotifs which can function alone or nested inside one another, resulting in fugue-like cues. This season, our characters time-travel to historical Hungary, as well as 1980s New York. When deciding on the musical palette for this season, I imagined the sound of a Lisztian figure transported a hundred years into the future. This episode–the season finale–contains an intermingling of all of the main themes from both seasons, imagined through this sonic lens.” 

Of her collaboration with Wong, Lyonne adds, “It’s always such a joy to get to watch Joe work — he’s like a one-man Jughead band. My only hope is that someday I get to see him work with a full orchestra as we bring our next joint project to life.”



1. Death Air

2. Hard Reset

3. Tompkins Square

4. Bodega Register

5. Fractured Loop

6. Horse Huff

7. Stack Two

8. Shabbat Shalom

9. Alan’s Exercise

10. Alan’s Elevator

11. Calling John

12. Ruthie Vibes

13. An End

14. Fanfare

15. Showtime

16. Dream Mother

17. Tone Seven

18. Guardian Angel

19. Analog Doll

20. Inside Her Mind

21. Jelly Towel

22. Doctor

23. Secret Room

24. Where’s Ruth

25. Astor Palace Tunnel

26. Motherlode

27. Cistem

28. Family Train

29. Searching

30. Exit Death Air


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Joe Wong is a Los Angeles-based recording artist, composer, producer, and podcast host. As a composer, Joe Wong’s projects range from Emmy-winning series Russian Doll and Master Of None; to critically lauded The Midnight Gospel, beloved hit YA film series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before; network favorites including Kenan (NBC) and The Big Leap (Fox); and meticulously-bizarre outsider fare such as Chad (TBS) and Superjail! (Adult Swim). In between those extremes, he has scored Sundance-winning narrative features and award-winning documentaries including The Pool, Independent Lens and 6 Days to Air.

Wong’s acclaimed debut solo album, the psychedelic, orchestral Nite Creatures, was released by Decca/Universal in 2020.

His podcast/radio show, The Trap Set, is about the lives of musicians and is hosted and co-produced by Wong. Over the course of over 300 long-form conversations, the show has revealed the life stories of a diverse group of icons. The exhaustive roster of guests includes punk luminaries like Ian MacKaye, cult legends such as The Shaggs, Cuban jazz virtuoso Ignacio Berroa, pop superstars such as Sheila E. and Phil Collins, and everyone in between.

Joe co-produced Fred Armisen’s Grammy-nominated Netflix special Standup For Drummers.