A Cowgirl’s Song

It is said that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. So I will say that it is good to see former Charlie’s Angel actress, Cheryl Ladd in a film. Now, some, maybe those who are fans of Hallmark films, will enjoy A Cowgirl’s Song, directed and written by Timothy Armstrong ( A Cowgirl’s Story, Dakota’s Summer). It is always better to enjoy than not. Simple story. Family drama. You know the deal.

The story is a little bit of a mess with a mixture of family wanting to get the dad out of jail but not having the bail money mixed with a young singer attempting to make her way in the music industry and then finally an older widow maybe finding love after living an isolated life for years. Try to figure out how that all will come together and you win a prize!

For fans of Cheryl Ladd, you will be able to enjoy her singing quite a bit here. I was actually surprised. As for fans of former reality star Darci Lynne Farmer (as Brooke Mays) they will be less happy as she does not get a chance to belt out a tune like they know she can. Speaking of the music, that even falls a little flat as no song really stands out here.

If you are down for a light film that you don’t have to use any brainpower on (other than keep the multiple storylines straight) this should fit the bill.

4 thoughts on “A Cowgirl’s Song

  1. Super disappointed with this story line! Had a wholesome story line with prayers before a performance and other “faithful” moments. Then to have them lose money due to gambling and then do the exact same thing to get the money back and then insinuate that it was due to prayer that they won. Then they try to redeem themselves by using the money to help their friend. WOW!

  2. I love the music and I love the movie and I’m a Christian and I don’t care what the storyline was about it was fun I love the music and I specially loved hearing Sheryl because I like a more mature voice than those kids and I just thought the whole movie was wholesome and really what the world needs today because our world is lost when it comes to family and religion and understanding that people make mistakes and can come out of it because of their faith. I’d love that Cheryl Also the producer of this movie and I just thought it was awesome I have now seen it about 10 times and You the critic that wrote this article I have an attitude that you need to adjust because I thought the music was great and catchy and I have memorized every song and it’s not just because I’m a fan I just enjoyed it very much. You need to rewrite this article and apologize to Cheryl for your crappy review.

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