Win a Date with Tad Hamilton – Blu-ray Edition

Watching a film like this I could not help but wonder if things like this actually happen with celebrities. Like, do their managers/agents actually come up with schemes like this when their images need a little…well, freshening up. In any case, this was a film from 2004 which featured hot at the time Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace and Josh Duhamel. A light romantic comedy filled with implausible moments, a few giggles and nothing that will tax your brain.

A simple story along the lines of a Hollywood star gets into some trouble so needs to clean up his image. His manager and agent come up with the idea of running a contest where some young girl in America can win a date with Tad Hamilton (played by Josh Duhamel). Small town girl Rosalee (played by Kate Bosworth) wins said date. Of course, the Hollywood star falls for the small town girl and is thinking of giving up his career to be with her. A wrench is thrown into that plan when her best friend (played by Topher Grace) decides now is the time to reveal to her that he has a crush on her. Here comes the love triangle we could all see coming from a mile away…and you also know how it is going to end.

As this film is by the same director as Legally Blonde, you should suspect what you are in for before you even get to the opening credits. Light, light and more light. Very typical of this type of teenage aimed romantic comedy.

Still, there are some annoying aspects of the film, like Kate Bosworth’s forced perkiness and even though you have come to expect some predictability with a film of this type there were still a couple of heaping spoonfuls too much of that. Then finally there was precious little chemistry between Josh Duhamel and Kate Bosworth. Would have helped somewhat with the suspense of who is she going to pick if there had even been a smidgen of on screen chemistry between the two.

Interesting little cameos by Kathryn Hahn, Octavia Spencer, Sean Hayes, Nathan Lane, Stephan Tobolowsky, Gary Cole, and Moon Bloodgood.

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