ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught) @ Hot Docs

Short films will teach you that a lot can be said in just a few minutes. Nine minutes here. Director Brit Hensel brings forth in this short the values of a way of living. A way of living that will be foreign to most in the Western world. People who live by a code of helping one another rather than striving to accumulate things and wreck everything in their way to get to wealth and power.

Another way of living is possible. One that is concerned with the people around us and those we don’t even know. Also realizing that the planet we live on is vitally important for our survival. How we owe Earth for everything we have. How we have lost sight of how we are connected to each other and the land. How we have forgotten the meaning of the word ‘balance’. The climate crisis we are up to our necks in is proof of that.

A Cree story told by a female Cherokee Nation director. This important story is told via the words coming from the mouth of an elder. Told in his words and language. There is an authenticity here that cannot be faked or bought.

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