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The Godfather, released in 1972, was and remains to be an iconic film. Not just a good mafia film but a great film period. This series covers a slice in the life of Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy and pulls back the curtain to give film fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of The Godfather.

With a cool cast that included Giovanni Ribisi, Juno Temple, Miles Teller, Justin Chambers, Michael Gandolfini (yep, son of James), Matthew Goode, Lou Ferrigno, and Colin Hanks, it brings to us an almost unbelievable story. All kinds of authenticity going on here from the period perfect costumes and sets.

While there are flaws (as there are with most films) it is such an interesting story filled with characters brought to life by the cast, you will find yourself lapping it up and wanting more and more. Ten episodes do not seem like enough. A real treat for film lovers.

A little bit all over the place due to the number of subplots going on besides the main story. Yet you still hang in. It is that addictive. Chock full of history from the show business world of the era. Just suspend belief and strap in for the fun ride.

Reinforcing the fact that there are multiple sides to every story is The Offer. I am sure everyone working on or starring in the film has different memories of the making of it. This one comes from the point of view of film producer Albert S. Ruddy (Miles Teller – Whiplash, Allegiant). His story certainly is a wild one!

Al Ruddy was a film producer who worked with a little dynamo named Bettye McCart (Juno Temple – from television’s Ted Lasso). Suddenly a huge opportunity falls into his lap. Author Mario Puzo’s (Patrick Gallo – The Irishman, American Wedding) novel was going to be made into a film. Huge opportunity or huge headache? Only time would tell.

Ruddy fought to get Francis Ford Coppola (Dan Fogler – Balls of Fury, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot) be the film’s director and Al Pacino (Anthony Ippolito – Pixels, The English Teacher) to play the lead role. He gets his way but the fight does not end there. Problem after problem occurs.

Seems rather natural that the film was made by Paramount and now is airing on streaming channel Paramount+. Keeping it in the family!

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