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Stealing Rodin
A film by Cristóbal Valenzuela Berríos

In the style of Exit Through the Gift ShopStealing Rodin is a critical and humorous statement about art and the market around it. In 2005, the Palace of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile, hosted a collection by celebrated French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The morning after the exhibit’s opening, museum guards were dismayed to find that one of the Rodin pieces had gone missing. Meanwhile, public curiosity was sparked and the desire to witness the empty pedestal on which the masterpiece should have been made the Rodin collection the most visited exhibition in the history of Chile.

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Winner: Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival
Veronico Cruz
A film by Miguel Pereira

This profound and moving film traces the life of Veronico Cruz, a young Argentinian boy growing up in a remote village, his friendship with his teacher and finally his departure on the fated Belgrano to fight for his country.
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64 Day Hero: A Boxer’s Tale
A film by Franco Rosso

 In this compelling and thought-provoking documentary, sports writer and novelist Gordon Williams uses archive footage, as well as interviews with family members and friends, to investigate the troubled life of the mixed-race British boxing hero Randolph Turpin, who in 1951 defeated the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson to win the World Middleweight Title.

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