Tribeca 2022 Feature THREE HEADED BEAST 

The U.S. Competition Feature THREE HEADED BEAST will be screening at Tribeca 2022. This is one of the buzziest titles in the competition as it was made for a microbudget by a two-person crew of 23-year-olds in Austin, Texas and has still garnered acclaim such as “one of the most confident and assertive debuts in American independent film in recent memory” by Tribeca programmers and “hypnotically beautiful; the work of a real f***ing talent” by Sundance/SXSW-winning filmmaker Jim Cummings. The film and its directors are certainly ones to watch and their debut is going to make a big splash at the festival. It is also the only queer film in competition and one of the very few queer films to come out of the Texas independent scene.

THREE HEADED BEAST is a dark romantic drama about a young man who becomes involved in the lives of a couple in an open relationship, and the shifting power dynamics between them that develop over the course of one hot Texas summer. It is told through visuals, music, body language and sex, using words in a bold and experimentally minimal way.

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