We have done what Sadie has in this short film. Sent a text to the wrong person. Then dealt with the ensuing panic and dropping of your stomach. Sadie’s (Pauline Chalamet – from television’s The Sex Lives of College Girls) oops is compounded by the fact that she sent her declaration of love to the person she is secretly head over heels about. Her shift captain on the ferry the 17-year-old works on. Jess does not know how Sadie feels or that she is gay. No one does, except her best friend. So she now tries to find a way to delete that text message.

The way a person decides to come out is their own deal. It is personal. There is no right way. But doing it by accident or before you are ready does not feel good. Director and writer Lindsey Ryan (first film) takes a rather common occurrence in today’s time of frequent texting and puts a really creative slant to the story. Gets all the emotions across in a compact 12 minutes.

While watching Sadie in her panic while still trying to do her job, your heart will break for her. Feeling empathy as we have all been in a similar situation. Lead actress Pauline Chalamet (yes, she is the older sister of Timothy Chalamet) does a great job bringing all required to Sadie and the story. Being young, naive, scared, and on the cusp of coming out. Showing that everyone’s journey to letting people know they are gay is different. And that is okay.

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