SOFI TUKKER announces free concert livestream on July 13 + Share “Summer In New York” remix

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JULY 13th, 10 PM EST






SOFI TUKKER’s Wet Tennis Summer continues! The group has been playing the biggest headline shows of their career to ecstatic sold-out crowds across the country including their shows at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall for 7,500 fans and a rapturous hometown set at the Brooklyn Mirage to a capacity crowd of 5,000. The group has partnered with NoCap for a free livestream of their show at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre for a crowd of 8,500. The livestream is on Wednesday, July 13th at 10 PM EST and is free to watch here

 SOFI TUKKER has also announced additional North American dates of the WET TENNIS Tour in Dallas, Houston, and Montrealfull dates below. The artist presale for the new shows begins Tuesday, July 12th at 10 AM local time followed by local pre-sales on the 14th at 10 AM local time and the general on sale Friday, July 15th at 10 AM local time. 

The group’s anthemic “Summer in New York” takes you on an idyllic day around the city with them that is turning into one of those summer nights you don’t want to end with a series of remixes. Brazilian Bass House wunderkind Öwnboss teamed up with the duo of Fancy Inc to turn up the tempo on the song and adorn it with tropical synth arpeggios and commanding distorted synth bass.  The “Summer in New York” (Öwnboss & Fancy Inc Remix) is out now, watch the visualizer. SOFI TUKKER will release a remix of the song by Glasgow’s Illyus & Barrientos on July 22nd that brings their raw & infectious style to the track. That will be followed by a Dubdogz & Selva remix on July 29th. Dubdogz, renowned for their high energy brand of Brazilian Bass, collaborated with Mexican house innovator Selva on the track. 


SOFI TUKKER has become one of the most exciting and innovative voices in dance music. Along with their live shows, their DJ sets have become an international festival staple thanks to their wildly fun energy that welcomes all to lose their inhibitions and their ability to incorporate genres from around the globe seamlessly. Along with their Sirius XM Diplo’s Revolution show, the duo have taken their inimitable sets to their Las Vegas DJ residency, Tomorrowland, and the Ultra Festival in both Miami and Europe main stages. Please consider them for DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, vote here.

SOFI TUKKER recently shared the “Summer in New York” video which is a guided tour of the city that brings the lyrics to life including stops at  Sophie’s beloved Miss Favela in Brooklyn where Brazilian music and food reign, Bang Bang tattoos where Tucker gets his ink done, and The Knocks’ Chrystie St studio where “Drinkee” was made. They also make a stop at the iconic Tom’s Restaurant as an homage to Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” whose hook weaves through “Summer in New York”.  The video also features scenes of the sold-out Brooklyn Mirage show in May.

WET TENNIS, SOFI TUKKER’s sophomore album,  is a celebration of self-empowerment, owning your right to pleasure, and liberating yourself from outside constraints. The title itself is an acronym: When Everyone Tries to Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe. It’s about leaving behind lesser fears and vices in favour of pursuing joy. Whatever challenges the duo face throughout the album, it isn’t long before they return to defiant positivity; it’s a story of ecstasy undoing human error, of delight outdoing our inevitable fallibility. Written over the past three years, WET TENNIS is a testament to the duo’s durability and their commitment to their fans, The Freak Fam. When in person events became impossible, SOFI TUKKER’s livestreams were a daily ceremony. Sophie and Tucker were able to interact in real time with their community, experimenting and getting feedback on ideas that would eventually become WET TENNIS. These are songs made for their fans but perhaps more significantly, with them.

 Tennis features prominently into the album’s iconography. The game itself represents Soph and Tuck always hitting ideas back and forth to each other in their writing process, and the overlapping tennis rackets represent the Venn diagram of their brains. They both have very different interests, but where the rackets intersect is that sweet spot that’s SOFI TUKKER. Wetness itself is key to the album, with each track feeling akin to just having emerged from a warm pool., dripping with an irresistible sensuality. Whether the album finds them in a playful mood or profoundly earnest, it never misses a step, gliding through a slick, dewy world through which they’re the only fitting guides. 

Along with the album, the duo has launched a new WET TENNIS merch line, which is available on their webstore along with an ombre picture disc vinyl

SOFI TUKKER has achieved gold and platinum records in every continent other than Antarctica and their global audience began to coalesce around the streams, eventually creating a community that dubbed itself the Freak Fam. Along with activities related to the group, The Freak Fam have helped each other during this difficult time in both emotional and material ways. When many members of The Freak Fam had their prom cancelled and were missing the big moments in their lives, SOFI TUKKER held a virtual prom and encouraged everyone attending to wear their freakiest wares. More recently, The Freak Fam took the form of a six month SiriusXM radio show, Freak Fam Radio, on Diplo’s Revolution Channel 52 which wrapped up in Spring.

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