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The Patriot Game
The Image You Missed

 Arthur MacCaig’s 1979 documentary The Patriot Game is an arresting look at the long and bitter battle for Northern Ireland. MacCaig made no effort to conceal where his sympathies lay, but in its recounting of Ireland’s history of colonization and unflinching look at the actions and motivations of the IRA, the film is, as Janet Maslin said upon its release, “too thorough and thoughtful to be categorized simply.”

Made nearly forty years later, filmmaker (and son of Arthur MacCaig) Donal Foreman’s The Image You Missed offers a thoughtful and highly personal examination of MacCaig, The Patriot Game, Irish nationalism, and the ways Foreman’s life paralleled and diverged from that of his late, almost completely absent father.

Do Not Adjust Your Set
Seventeen Episodes!

Written by and starring the future members of Monty Python, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Eric Idle, Do Not Adjust Your Set was broadcast on British TV in 1967, envisaged as a children’s show. But this madcap, early-evening comedy sketch show quickly acquired a cult following with Swinging Sixties adults, who rushed home from work to see it. This compilation includes the pilot, the first, second and fourth (the third is lost) episodes of the first series, the only surviving episode of season two, and a Christmas special. 

Together with At Last the 1948 Show (also on OVID!), this is the second of the innovative and influential TV series that shook-up British popular culture and spawned the phenomenon that premiered the following year, Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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