La Main Gauche @ Fantasia Film Festival

Mom’s worry. That is their job. So when young Maxime’s 2nd grade teacher (Anne-Marie Côté) calls his mother (Evelyne Rompré – Social Hygiene, Le Rire) in for a talk, she begins to worry. That worry turns to fury when his teacher says that while Maxime (Oscar Vaillancourt – appeared in episodes of District 31) is a lovely boy he seems to have a gender identity problem.

After this, and while the young boy is preparing for an oral presentation on left-handed people, his mom brings Maxime to the doctor (Marie-Ginette Guay – On the Road, Nous Sommes les Autres). She wants the doctor to find out if there is anything wrong with her son.

We live in a binary society—one based on twos or either ors. Black or white. Up or down. Rich or poor. Male or female. The last one is what Maxim Robin’s film is based upon. The harm that last binary has wreaked upon many is often tragic and totally avoidable.

We only seem comfortable when people fit into a mould or a box. Anything outside of that disturbs many. Actor/filmmaker Maxime Robin’s film has been screened in several festivals around the world like Cannes and Festival Regard. The short film is based on a childhood memory of his own. This happened to him. The gender issue that several people are worried about is not ever really named. It just lingers in the air. However, a delicate discussion about gender and femininity and our relationship to it.

An important film that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and puts up on the screen a character that can be seen and related to by many young people. Young people struggling with their identity and how to live their true selves in an authentic way.

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