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 Cuba and the US Embargo

A film by Mirella Martinelli
Set to the pulsating beats of Afro-Caribbean music, Frenemies examines the fraught relationship between the island nation of Cuba and the United States.

Presenting a critical perspective on both governments, Frenemies blends archival footage with contemporary examples of Cuba’s economic decay and vibrant culture, painting a vivid portrait of a nation fighting for survival against the world’s longest-running embargo.


A film by Etienne Comar 
Starring Reda Kateb

During the German Occupation, gypsy Django Reinhardt (Reda Kateb), a true hero of the guitar, is at the peak of his career. Every night he has Paris reeling to his swing music at the Folies Bergères, while his gypsy brethren are hunted down and massacred throughout Europe.

When the German propaganda ministry wants to send him to Berlin for a series of concerts, he senses imminent danger and decides to flee to Switzerland with the help of one of his admirers, Louise de Klerk. He travels to Lake Geneva, with his pregnant wife Naguine and his mother Negros. But their escape is more complicated than anticipated and the three of them end up plunged into the turmoil of WWII. 
OVID Exclusive! 
SVOD Premiere

Orchestrating Change
A film by Margie Friedman and Barbara Multer-Wellin

 The inspiring story of Me2/Orchestra, the only orchestra in the world created by and for people living with mental illness and those who support them. With compelling characters, striking animation, and even humor, Orchestrating Change addresses many of the myths about mental illness by showing what living with a mental illness is really like—with both setbacks and accomplishments. 

The film culminates in an extraordinary concert that is a triumph for Me2/Orchestra’s conductor, who lives with bipolar disorder and thought he might never conduct again, and for the musicians, their families, and the audience.

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