Incredible But True @ Fantasia Film Festival

The house of your dreams. What could be disturbing or odd about that? Well, in the hands of director/writer Quentin Dupieux that is exactly what we have in this France/Belgium co-production. Midlife crisis has never been so odd as in Incredible But True. I mean, what can you say about a film with an exploding penis and a time-travel tunnel?

Couple Marie (Lea Drucker – L’Homme de sa vie, Adieu Paris) and Alain (Alain Chabat – The Science of Sleep, Ice Age: Continental Drift) have just bought and moved into the house of their dreams in the suburbs. The only issue with the house is that it has a weird tunnel in the basement.

Eccentric to say the least, but Dupieux’s film is an entertaining watch. Especially with its timely allegory of the tunnel and lockdown. Throw in some time travel and you have a film environment ripe for zaniness.

If I was to try and describe to you the thread of the story involving the time-altering tunnel then you would find it a little ridiculous. And I would not deny that it is. But somehow you buy into it due to the honest and believable performances of the two leads – Drucker and Chabat – and the intriguing visuals.

Storywise this is incredibly wacky and yet it works. You will find yourself laughing at the craziness going on. Well-written and the subject matter demanded it if it had any chance at success.

Go into this fun film with an open mind and you will enjoy yourself.

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