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Linkin Park – One More Light

linkin park one more light

Seventh studio album from the Grammy Award winners, One More Light is definitely a city block away in regards to sound from what Linkin Park was doing in the 90s. Less rock and more pop. Gone is the trendy at the time rap-metal. Though it does demonstrate their long established…

Fred Penner – Hear the Music


An album he has dedicated to music fans.¬†Fans who span three generations. That is how long he has been at this music game. 45 years to be more precise. His 13th album, Hear the Music, features loads of guest appearances by other Canadian musicians like Basia Bulat, Bahamas, Alex Cuba,…

Adam Lambert – The Original High

adam lambert the original high

A solid pop album with plenty of dance music sensibilities. You pretty much know what you are getting from this former American Idol contestant. Plenty of emotion in his lyrics and a great voice. Smart enough to know that his voice, which is front and centre on most tracks, is…

Soothing Laura Marling Takes the Stage at Corona Theatre

laura marling live 2017

While listening to her music and doing some research on Laura Marling I discovered that she had at one time performed with Mumford & Sons. Makes sense as her folk pop style meshes with theirs. That being said do not make the mistake of pigeonholing her into the folk genre….

Putumayo Kids – Italian Playground

putumayo kids italian playground

Italy is a country that has given much to the world of music. Great composer from Vivaldi to Verdi were born here. It makes sense that Putumayo would put out a couple of “tribute” albums featuring the music of Italy. Italian Playground is Italian music for kids. Actually more precisely…