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Barney Bentall – The Drifter & The Preacher

barney bentall the drifter and the preacher

It has been 30 years since Canadian Barney Bentall came onto the music scene. In the three decades since he has been a constant fixture on this country’s music landscape. With six albums with his band, the Legendary Hearts, six solo albums and three under the pseudonym of Brandon Wolf….

Matt Patershuk – Same As I Ever Have Been

matt patershuk same as i ever have been

Alberta native Matt Patershuk is back with his guitar, voice and a collection of country or blues tinged songs. It is at the same time rather old school country blues while being modern sounding at the same time. Same As I Ever Have Been many times reminds me of lullabies…

Bruce Cockburn – Bone on Bone

bruce cockburn bone on bone

First studio album in seven years for this Canadian minstrel. Bruce Cockburn is an artist that most of us have grown up with his music being a constant part of our lives. He released his first album way back in 1970 and they have continued to come out every couple…

The Number One Man in the Rap Game – Kendrick Lamar

kendrick lamar live 2017

Few artists in recent memory have been so roundly praised by music fans and critics alike as rapper Kendrick Lamar. The man has found the winning formula. He has gone from big selling album to sold out concert to a ton of Grammy nominations and a few wins over the…

Charles Boyd – Mr. Chickenman

charles boyd mr chickenman

Twenty-three songs on this album. Music all done in the style of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles. Oftentimes the lyrics are funny while others they can be quite earnest. As is typical with this Torontonian there are some explicit moments. ¬†With Charles Boyd it is always a…