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The X-Files: The Complete Sixth Season


Precious few television series warrant a rewatch. The X-Files is an exception to that rule. Throughout most of its nine season run it provided sci fi aficionados and fans of shows centered on government agencies like the FBI plenty of food for thought and pure entertainment. Not a show that…

The 100: The Complete Fourth Season


For most sci fi programs it is too hard to juggle both action and character/story development. The 100 accomplishes both. It might have started off as a guilty pleasure for viewers but has now turned into a must watch that you boast about. The radiation wave is on the horizon….

The Expanse: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition


  Because of the mess this planet is in presently we humans have started to be preoccupied with the amount of time we have left on Earth. These worries have manifested themselves in several subjects coming up time and time again in films, novels and television series. Apocalyptic themes and…

Emerald City: Season One – Blu-ray Edition


Have you every wondered about how everything that happened in the Wizard of Oz came about? Like, the back story. Well, this television series attempts to fill that void. It is a modern reimagining of what led up to that iconic story. Dorothy Gale (played by Adria Arjona) is a…

Girls: The Final Season – Blu-ray Edition


As you might expect of a series of this ilk the final season sees many of the characters faced with life altering decisions. Time for them to accept the fact that they are adults. Season six starts off six months after the end of season five. Hannah (played by Lena…