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Kid Astray Tease at Upcoming EP with Release of Fall To My Knees Single and Video


New Single ‘Fall To My Knees’  Out Now Via Sony Music Having known each other since they were at school, Kid Astray have always let their personal chemistry run through their musical direction. With influences ranging from MGMT to Passion Pit, the band’s intentions of creating hugely enjoyable pop music…

Leeroy Stagger – Love Versus

leroy stagger love versus

Pop, rock and roots have been melanged together to create the appealing sonic stew that makes up Leeroy Stagger’s Love Versus. The 10 tracks that make up the album are further prove that this guy has more talent in his little finger than most artists have in their entire bodies…

Flora Cash – Nothing Last Forever (And It’s Fine)

flora cash nothing lasts forever

Flora Cash are a Scandi duo that have taken upon themselves to sonically explore the diversity of human relationships. They go straight to places where tears are shed, chairs are thrown, discussions of parting are present, but the music is created regardless.   Having “met” on Soundcloud and instantly e-hitting…

The Scandi garage-alt-rocky Mankind release a new single ‘Three Handfuls Of Dirt’

Mankind spector

Ingenious, dark and distorted – meet the Swedish underground indie-rock four-piece MANKIND. With their previous releases leaving the Stockholm underground and warehouse scene well and truly shaken, MANKIND are back with a new single from their upcoming EP “Death”. With Sweden already getting drunk on disorder, it’s about time the…

Prince Ali-X and his Ambassadors – Mal de Terre


Indie Montreal‘s media relations department (IMTL Press) are excited to announce Mal de Terre, the debut album from multi-insturmentalist Alix Noël-Guéry for his new project Prince Ali-X and his Ambassadors. Already well recognized for his involvement in different musical projects (notably with a Galaxie Prize, ADISQ Nomination and Best Canadian Folk Music…