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Everybody Hates Chris: The Complete Series


Chris Rock is one of the most esteemed stand-up comedians working today and has tried his hand at the acting thing with turns in films like Grown Ups 2 and Lethal Weapon 4. He has been more successful as a voice actor in animated films like Madagascar. Everybody Hates Chris…

Chronically Metropolitan – Blu-ray Edition


This is a New York City film. Seemingly slicker, cooler, aloofer, and really witty, Xavier Manrique’s (first film) Chronically Metropolitan tries to replicate in 90 minutes all that being a New Yorker is about. It somewhat works though the film tends to be a little ponderous and slow for many…

Scorpion: Season Three

scorpion season three

Combining two hot subjects/themes on television today, Scorpion tells the tale of a bunch of geniuses (hot since The Big Bang Theory) under the guidance of FBI agent Cabe Gallo (played by Robert Patrick) who take on a myriad of jobs that all have in common impending doom (kinda like…

Personal Shopper – Blu-ray Edition

personal shopper

Ghosts, fashion and Paris.  What could be better?  Sounds delicious, no?  Add to that it is a real mystery.  A mystery in the respect that you do not ever really know which way it is going.  Leaves you feeling rather disconcerted in that you never can tell when the floor…

Black Rain – Blu-ray Edition

black rain

Whatever film Ridley Scott (Gladiator, The Good Year) is involved in somehow turns out to be entertaining. Even when it’s the sub-par, for him, film “Black Rain”. The film is mindless, silly, predictable, and yet you will find yourself somehow entertained by it. It is as though Scott was following…