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The Free Man


A documentary about pushing yourself to the point of no return sounds interesting. Somehow in this case it isn’t. It is an examinations of adrenaline junkies and what pushes them to do what they do. Risk their lives in the pursuit of a thrill. You think this would have you…

Much Ado About Nothing


When you attempt to adapt a William Shakespeare you are taking your film life into your hands. It goes without saying that Shakespeare is a legend. Especially in his home country of England. So, if you are English and decide to do it then you will have all eyes on…

Nerdland: Unrated


A attempt at comedic romp. Animated. A total stoner flick. You might have to partake in the plant in order to fully enjoy this feature-length film. Not a recommendation, but… The idea behind the film is a timely one in this era of YouTube and reality show celebrities. And that…

Nothing But the Truth

nothing but the truth

A perfect example of how Hollywood is still a studio run outfit. Not directors. Not star power. Studios decide how, when and what we see. Just as this film was about to be released and as lead actress Kate Beckinsale got a nomination for her turn in it Inspired by…

Money Monster

money monster

Loads of decent films seem to slip through the cracks. Even if the film involves such big names as George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster. Money Monster, starring George Clooney (Ocean’s Eleven, Up in the Air) and Julia Roberts (Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich) and directed by Jodie Foster (Home…