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Dear Eleanor


We think that today’s world is a confusing and worrisome place. Not that it isn’t but we seem to have lost sight of the fact that each era, decade or time has its own trials and tribulations. For instance, in the early 60s Americans had to deal with the Cuban…



As it is Fantasia film festival time it is appropriate to delve into a genre film like Southbound. What Fantasia does well is select a wide variety of genre films. And good ones at that. It makes your standards high and as a result you become less tolerant of below…

Childhood’s End


When Arthur C. Clarke had his novel published in 1953 it was lauded as a masterpiece of science fiction. It followed a typical sci fi storyline in that it was about an alien invasion of Earth. Nothing earth shattering or even especially original. At first glance, at least. A deeper…

Hotel Transylvania 2


As opposed to my usual aversion to Adam Sandler films (though I am intrigued by the buzz coming out of the Cannes festival about his latest film, The Meyerowitz Stories) I suspend that when it comes to him providing voices for animated films. That genre is perfect for his skill…

The Free Man


A documentary about pushing yourself to the point of no return sounds interesting. Somehow in this case it isn’t. It is an examinations of adrenaline junkies and what pushes them to do what they do. Risk their lives in the pursuit of a thrill. You think this would have you…