La Vérité @ Cinemania

For his first film made outside of his home country Japan’s Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters, Like Father, Like Son) is working with two legends of French cinema and one American. La Vérité stars Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke. It tells a tale which sees Deneuve and Binoche playing versions Continue Reading

Rebelles @ Cinemania

Boulogne-sur-mer is not exactly the sleepy suburb you would believe it to be. At least not in director Alan Mauduit’s (Vilaine) at times hysterical Rebelles. Between the violence, drug dealings, gangsters, and severed penises (I’ll explain later) there is nothing idyllic about this place. After another failed relationship, former beauty Continue Reading

Sibyl @ Cinemania

There is just something about French films. If you will pardon my French, a little je ne sais quoi about them. Even if they aren’t great they are highly watchable still. It is a nation which takes filmmaking very seriously. They put time, effort and resources into it. And, in Continue Reading