The Maids Will Come on Monday

Trailer: Twelve minutes of family dysfunction. A family rich, but poor. Poor in regards to relationship. They look good from afar though upon closer inspection you see that they are falling apart. A well off family gets together for a dinner. A dinner at a beautiful house. The woman Continue Reading


ADVOCATE IS A POWERFUL PORTRAIT OF THE CRUSADING AND CONTROVERSIAL ISRAELI DEFENSE ATTORNEY LEA TSEMEL NOMINEE – Producers Guild of America (PGA) – Outstanding Producer of Documentary Motion Pictures NOMINEE – IDA Documentary Awards – Best Director and Best Feature Cinema Eye Honors – Lea Tsemel recognized for The Unforgettables World Premiere – 2019 Sundance Film Festival+ Continue Reading

The Irishman

Legendary director Martin Scorsese’s (The Departed, Taxi Driver) latest film is part of the of late Netflix trend to just release a film briefly in theatres to then host it on the streaming service. Things are changing quickly in the film world with CGI improvements and streaming services like Netflix Continue Reading

Marriage Story

When screenwriter/director Noah Baumbach (Margot at the Wedding, Frances Ha) came onto the scene in 2005 with his family drama The Squid and the Whale he announced himself as someone who would bring us intimate, small and poignant films about human life. The kind of films many would lable as Continue Reading