Ninja Cat Helps Teach Kids Acceptance Of Life On Both Sides Of Today’s Urban/Rural Divide

For children to understand and remember important life lessons, the delivery of the message needs to entertain them. Justin Donner does a great job of tackling tough topics like bullying, stress, emotions, finances, socioeconomic differences and more in his new children’s book, Ninja Cat: Whiskers of Choice. Kid-friendly dialogue, cute black Continue Reading

Powerful True Story Chronicles Woman’s Triumph After Unspeakable Heartaches – Dancing to the Darkest Light

In 1979, life changed dramatically for Soheila Adelipour and her family. Fleeing chaos and persecution in Iran following the Islamic revolution and landing in New York, this family found stability there and worked hard to achieve education, jobs, spouses and children. But life had yet to take its cruelest toll. Continue Reading