A preview of the MEGAMIGS programming! Come and meet the following exhibitors at the 2021 edition:   Affordance Studio Inc Mots de jeux Windigo AlbluneThe Spirit and the Mouse Erupting avocadoThe Repairing Mantis Eric LaflammeSpace Tow Truck – Isaac Newton’s Favorite Puzzle Game Jérémie Guy-Béland A Rat’s Life: The Cat Conspiracy Continue Reading

Watch gameplay reveals for Alaskan Truck Simulator, War Hospital, MythBusters and Scorchlands

From driving across the Alaskan wilderness to the frontlines of World War I, to the iconic Mythbusters’ Hall and a planet of magical birdfolk, Movie Games presented a diverse lineup of upcoming games during Gamescom’s Future Games Show. Alaskan Truck Simulator: They’ve revealed the release window and target platforms for Continue Reading

ES1 will broadcast the NHL ’21 Ultimate Virtual Hockey Championship starting August 3

ES1, the first French-language channel exclusively dedicated to esports, is pleased to announce the broadcast of the NHL’21 Ultimate Virtual Hockey Championship, as of August 3.ES1 continues to be involved in the local e-sports scene by joining forces with the Quebec company Veezion for the broadcast of this first eNHL championship. Starting Tuesday, August 3 at Continue Reading

Check out the highlights from Ubisoft Forward!

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