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10 Great Quotes by Famous People

10 great quotes by famous people2

Language is the main form of communication between humans. It is how we indicate how we are thinking, feeling and what we believe in. Some of us are better with words than others. While your next door neighbour could be quite a wordsmith and have a talent for stringing them…

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

top 10 most dangerous animals3

We are coming up on Halloween and the season of frights and fears, so it seems appropriate to do a Top 10 list that deals with danger. In this case we will explore the ten most dangerous animals on the planet. Some are obvious and are feared by human by…

Top 10 NHL Draft Busts

top 10 nhl draft busts2

The draft is considered the lifeblood of teams in the NHL. In every sport the draft process is a bit of a hit and miss proposition. If a team struggles for any period of time then usually people look back and blame bad drafting. For the most part, but when…

Top 10 NBA Draft Busts

top 10 nba draft busts3

A couple of days ago it was announced by the Philadelphia 76ers that number three pick from the 2014 NBA Draft Joel Embid would miss his sophomore season just as he did his rookie season due to another surgery on his foot. This is a big blow for one of…

10 Free Agents that Montreal Should Go After for 2015-16

10 free agents the canadiens should go after2

Though the sting is still there due to the Montreal Canadiens being ousted of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs in the second round in six games by the Tampa Bay Lightning it is never the off season for hockey brass. Canadiens’ GM Marc Bergevin has to think about what he…