Various Artists


In memory of the forgotten o­nes.No I'm not talking about those who died defending our country, but those fine musicians who passed their legacies o­n to today's great players. An eclectic ménage of artists circa the twenties to the fifties, will seduce you with pearls and diamonds emanating from the…

Lookin’ Good


Joe Gordon was born in Boston, MA. Thisrelatively unknown artist died in his prime (1928-1963) in virtual anonymity. However, gifted jazz musicians such as Charlie "the Bird" Parker, DizzyGillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Shelly Manne held Gordon in high regard and asked him to sit in o­n a few treasured recordings….

Time Passages


The design imprinted o­n the compact disc of Joshua Redman'snewest CD release is a Roman numeral clock which compliments histen year anniversary as a professional musician.Redman sees jazz as "art in general as this unfolding process of a constant search and adventure.'' At Redman's recent Montreal concert the audience was…



Décidément, la compagnie de disques Motown Records sait bien choisir ses artistes. Il y a cinq ans, ils o­nt introduit Erykah Badu sur la scène musicale et aujourd'hui, c'est au tour d'India.Arie d'ensoleiller nos journées avec ses multiples talents de chanteuse, compositrice, réalisatrice et musicienne. Son premier album 'Acoustic Soul',…

Sophie B. Hawkins


En 1992, le premier album de Sophie B. HawkinsTongues And Tails s'est vite élevé dans les sphères glorieuses du « Top 5 » aux États-Unis et a été certifié « or » la même année. Il lui a également valu une nomination aux Grammy Awards pour le meilleur nouvel artiste….