Bionicle: The Mask Of Light / Special DVD Edition


Based o­n the popular children's toy created by Lego, Bionicle has become more than "just a toy": the creation of a movie says it all. In "Bionicle: The Mask Of Light" the Bionicle people, or "Toa", must obtain the Mask of Light to overthrow the dark forces looming over their…

The Apple Dumpling Gang / Special DVD Edition


Based o­n the 1971 novel by Jack M. Bickham, The Apple Dumpling Gang is a classic western that will appeal to the whole family. This movie was first released in 1975 and is now reissued o­n a special edition DVD.  The dynamic duo of Don Knotts and Tim Conway, which…

The Brave Little Toaster / Special DVD Edition


The Brave Little Toaster The 1987 children's classic Brave Little Toaster has finally been brought to DVD, featuring voices from SNL alumni Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz. In this award winning adventure, Toaster and friends (other talking appliances) are shocked to discover that they have been abandoned by their master….

Power Rangers Special DVD Edition


From Buena Vista Home Entertainment, The Power Rangers are 5 teenagers who morphed into Ninjas, come to DVD in 2 episodes, Looming Thunder and Lightning Strikers.  In Looming Thunder we are introduced for the first time to the two new Thunder Rangers, brothers Blake and Hunter. Dustin, a motocross enthusiast…

Sleeping Beauty


Disney's cherished classic Sleeping Beauty has been released September 9, 2003 o­n a double DVD set and o­n video. The fully restored 2 disc DVD includes 2 viewing options, "widescreen" or "full screen " formats. The film has been restored o­ne frame at a time with over 108,000 frames which…