The New Cirque du Soleil Show – Volta

volta preview

Like most Cirque du Soleil shows, Volta has a spiritual and esoteric side to it. There are elements of transformation, freedom of choice, being true to oneself, and the power of working in a group within the story of Volta. All this is conveyed through the acrobatics of the show….

Mad Men: Season Three

mad men season three

This is a series won Outstanding Drama Series two years in a row. Though it is out there at times it is quality stuff. In season three the surprises and secrets keep coming fast and furious. It is still stylish, sexy and shocking. The drama is there. Done in a…

Debut Single “The Exception” by Merna


“’The Exception’ is a song about confronting one’s expectations of forever, and coming to terms with impermanence,” said MERNA. “That’s a concept I’d been struggling with for a long time. Right at this time while dealing with personal loss, as if the universe was conspiring, my main collaborators got extremely…

A League of Their Own: 25th Anniversary – Blu-ray Edition


Baseball is considered the American sport so there have been plenty of films about it.  Like most sports genres women’s involvement has been underrepresented.  Women playing professional baseball were pretty much in the shadows until this Penny Marshall (The Preacher’s Wife, Awakenings) film. During the era of World War II…

Labeled by the New York Times as the Best Musical of the Century – The Book of Mormon


The Mormons are coming and would you believe it you are not going to want them to leave. This is pretty much a guaranteed great evening at the theatre.  None other than the New York Times has labeled The Book of Mormon as the best musical of the century.  Ok,…