24 Hour Party People

24 Hour party People is a retro style film set in the Manchester underground music scene. The soundtrack to this film reads like a whose who of the Brit punk / new wave scene era (late 1970's-early 1980's). Blue Monday predominates the sound-scape, along with The Joy Division, New Order and even Moby surprises us with a recent composition thrown in for good measure. Enjoy this styliform film with its tinges of social satire mixed in with a mock documentary twist. Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan), creator of Factory Records and the Club La Hasienda narrates the entire movie and at one point blatantly admits to the audience "I am a minor character in my own film, because it's all about the music." A final note that will please music fans of this era, a number of familiar faces in the punk music scene at that time appear in minor roles and are clearly pointed out in a few unorthodox scenes. This is not a fluff film; it is a film about music, loud music. It is not typical Hollywood fare, nor is it typical of independent films. For those looking for something different, you will find it here, for those looking for another rib-splitting comedy you'll want to look elsewhere.

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