Alexisonfire @ Rainbow

Alexisonfire played for a crowd of dedicated young fans last night at the Rainbow. The band put all their energy into their music, while the kids reciprocated by thrashing as insanely as possible. George (vocals) moved around the stage and leaned in over the crowd as he sang lyrics in his signature urgent style. Dallas (guitar/vocals) complimented George with amazingly smooth melodic vocals. Dallas, Chris (bass) and Jesse (Drums) pounded away at their instruments with such intensity: the sound literally radiated throughout the room. There was a great deal of band-audience interaction at this show. George didn't hesitate to throw himself into the crowd o­n numerous accounts, as dozens of hands received him with admiration. The band even decided to risk playing a new song "Pop Rock", which the crowd were thrilled to hear. However, they were most excited for the band's first single, "Pulmonary Archery". Surprisingly, the latest single "Counter Parts And Number Them" was not played. As the show came to a close, George called everyone up o­n stage to sing with him, handing his mike over to the fans for "Little Girls Pointing and Laughing". It was especially cool to see Alexisonfire stick around to talk to all of their fans. An all around great show.


Set List:
.44 Caliber Love Letter
Where No o­ne Knows
Polaroids Of Polar Bears
Water Wings
Pop Rock (new)
Pulmonary Archery
Little Girls Pointing And Laughing


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