Alice in Wonderland / Special DVD Edition

Celebrating its fifty-third anniversary this year, Alice in Wonderland has become o­ne of the most treasured family films of all time. Adapted from an 1865 series of children's novels by Lewis Carroll, the classic animated feature follows the misadventures of a daydreaming dame by the name of Alice who stumbles into a wacky world of make-believe. While the bewildered young girl attempts to find her way home, she meets an off the wall cast of characters including the neurotic, tardy White Rabbit, the shape-shifting Cheshire Cat and the screwy Mad Hatter who insists o­n feting his "un-birthday" three-hundred and sixty-four days a year. Brought to DVD for the first time ever, Alice is the perfect animation history lesson for those wee whippersnappers who've grown up o­n computer-generated monsters and fish.

Relying o­n thousands of hand-drawn pictures, Walt Disney and his crack team of professional animators brought the idiosyncratic world of Wonderland to life. Looking back o­n Disney's eccentric fable, o­ne can appreciate the movie both as a form of entertainment and as a moving piece of art. The seventy-five minute epic will make for both an interesting time-capsule for grown-ups who have vivid memories of seeing the film as children and for those adults' offspring who just might be taking a trip to Wonderland for the first time in their lives. Filled to the brim with metaphors which are still relevant in our day and age, the motion-picture is a delightful adventure which is certain to be just as eye-popping and ear-drum grabbing in another 53 years.

The special features section of this two disc extravaganza is a wonderland of its own. They include:

-Virtual Wonderland Party- An interactive, Barney-esque celebration which invites viewers to sing, dance and play games with the mad-hatter.
-Storyboards and song demos
-Television clips from The Fred Waring Show, The Alice Comedies and many others
-Theatrical trailers
-"Operation Wonderland", a making-of documentary and much, much more!

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