American Gun / Special DVD Edition

The late Academy Award winning actor James Coburn's last performance will be o­ne of his most memorable in this movie of death, regret and redemption. In his role as Martin Tillman, Coburn plays  a World War II veteran who is tormented by flashbacks of the times he spent as a soldier at war. These memories remain vivid as he relives them everyday. When his daughter Penny (Virginia Madsen) comes for a  visit at Christmas, she is shot and killed. Now Martin has new demons to deal with. In order to bring closure and gain some solace from this terrible tragedy he takes a journey across the country trying to track down the origins of the gun that killed his daughter to learn how this gun ended up in the wrong hands. From the original factory where the gun was manufactured through the hands of many people along the way, the black market for guns is explored and raises many questions. While dealing with the untimely death of his daughter, Martin's grief strains his relationship with his wife (Barbara Bain). While o­ne relationship is struggling, another must be strengthened, Martin must find his runaway granddaughter and reunite what's left of his family. o­nce Martin achieves his own personal closure can he deal with his pain and battle his demons. With Coburn leading a strong cast and an emotional story, the performances of all the characters are moving and powerful. Through the many flashbacks we come to learn the story of Martin before and after he was a soldier and understand the emotional scars that remain. James Coburn's final performance is unforgettable in this thought-provoking story of "what ifs". A twist in the ending makes this a movie with a lasting_impact.

Bonus Feature:

"James Coburn: Bang the Gong"
As seen o­n A&E Biography, a look back at Coburn's career and highlights from different movie roles.

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