a walk to rememberHow to make a teen movie with a PG-rating? Take two attractive, young actors (one, a pop star), mix in a cornball adolescent love story with a large dose of sentimental preservative, add the requisite spiritual/religious component to stabilize, throw in a few songs performed by pop star and female lead (Mandy Moore), and finally, include a pinch of bittersweet ending with a message attached. Blend thoroughly and voilà, the proof is in the pudding. Or not.

Director Adam Shankman (The Wedding Planner) tries hard to deliver a ‘meaningful’ teen vehicle based o­n a popular bestseller novel, but misses the mark, instead offering us a boring mélange of film/music career-boosting for Moore (her debut was The Princess Diaries), and romantic lead exposure for Shane West (Get Over It, TV’s o­nce and Again).

The o­nly interesting element was the inclusion of a plain-Janed Daryl Hannah, testing out the mother-role thing in this demographically-challenged movie snore. Who knows, maybe the pre-teen set is still nave enough to ingest this o­ne·