Bad Company

The combination talents of mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down), and interesting director Joel Schumacher (Tigerland) might have concocted something better than a black/white buddy flick in the big box-office tradition of Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour. But, this is no high-concept narrative, and the filmmakers are obviously chasing the buck in Bad Company, which stars box-office darlings Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins. Rock is the street hustler recruited by CIA agent Hopkins to wrest away the generic suitcase bomb from the evil Russian terrorists. The accents are bad, the bomb nearly antique, and Rockís few comic lines are not all that funny. Hopkins looks like heís trying to feign interest long enough to finish his lines and collect his share of the spoils. This is definitely in the company of been there, seen that.