After appearing o­n an array of compilations, Bayside decided it was time they release a full length album. Soon after signing to Victory Records,  "Sirens and Condolences" was recorded and released. Bayside boasts a sound not heard from many other Victory artists: light, melodic rock, with soaring vocals and absolutely no yelling. While the songs sound upbeat, the lyrics are actually quite dark, reflecting the collective morbidity of the band. Anthony (vocals/guitar) writes serious songs driven by intense emotions and personal events. Interestingly enough, he has said that his first concern in writing for the band is the form of the song. More importance is placed o­n how the melody and the harmonies tie into the piece, while the lyrics are a secondary concern. Without a doubt, what stands out most o­n this album is Anthony's warm, soaring vocals, supported by beautiful harmonies from Jack (guitar/vocals). Andrew (bass) and Jim (drums) balance to the songs with darkness produced by a deeply pitched bass and strong drumming. Bayside have proven that they aren't just another band looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They have created an edgy variation o­n the oh-so-trendy emo sound, making this album a refreshing listen for fans of the genre. Best songs are: "Masterpiece", "Poison in My Veins", "How To Fix Everything", "Kellum" and "Guardrail".

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