Becker, Roy Hargrove

These three musicians have achieved much success in their music careers. Herbie Hancock, Michael Becker and Roy Hargrove teamed up for this album as a 75th anniversary dedication to the legendary Miles Davis and John Coltrane. "When I was in the Miles Davis quintet early in my career, Miles used to tell us that he paid us to try new things o­n the bandstand," says Hancock. "Jazz is about capturing the moment." Indeed the trio does so and gives a truly remarkable performance. Hancock displays his amazing musicianship o­n the first track entitled "The Sorcerer." Hargrove takes center stage o­n the smooth sounding "The Poet." The trio shines together o­n "Misstery" which has the musicians complimenting o­ne another. "Transition" and "D-Trane" also stand out.