Big Trouble

They don't make too many movies like Big Trouble anymore. Big Trouble is old time farce. Written by Dave Barry of Sunday newspaper column fame, the movie follows the intertwined plots of gunrunners, local cops, some Russian mafia arms dealers, a couple of dimwitted ex-cons, a couple of smitten teens, their parents and a tree-dweller named Puggy (Jason Lee) as well as a couple of out of town mafia hitmen. The film's lead man is Tim Allen. There are some great comic performances by Janeane Garofalo, Jason Lee, and Stanley Tucci. Dennis Farina does a fine job as he practically reprises his role from "Snatch:" the out of town mafia dude who hates his new surroundings and just wants to get back home. The movie is set in Barry's home town of Miami, so many Montrealers will be familiar with the sights. Being set in Florida, it has all of the elements of a Carl Hiaason novel – crime, corruption, scummy bad guys and a few good characters – all mixed in with Dave Barry's idiosyncratic outlook o­n life. This movie is comedic farce. Nothing less, nothing more. If you like your movies light and fluffy without too much to chew o­n, this is your film.