Bill Frisell Trio

On the first day of the International Festival Musique Actuelle, the Bill Frisell Trio graced the stage of a most unlikely venue. The Cinéma Laurier, resembling a small town high school auditorium / movie theatre, was in fact the perfect showcase for Bill Frisell's eclectic mirage of sounds. Frisell first played this festival back in 1985, and returned again in 1997 when he performed the astonishing soundtracks of Buster Keaton's films. This time around Frisell brought with him Kenny Wollesen o­n drums and Tony Scherr o­n stand up acoustic bass. Frisell warmed up the audience with an up-beat rendition of Cadillac 1959. He jazzed it up with Keep Your Eyes Open and Tales From The Far Side, and brought it back to a mellow pace with the old Irish ballad Shenandoah. The set ended with a beautiful version of Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' o­n. Loud applause brought the trio back to play a double encore. The traditional Americana folk song John Hardy – "a story of a desperate man" to which the seemingly reserved Frisell faced the crowd and apologized for not remembering the words and said he "didn't mean to make light of such a sad song." The show ended with Poem for Eva, and a smile from the band. With his back turned to the crowd throughout most of the show, Frisell mesmerized the audience. Frisell's innovative musicianship along with his vintage Gibson sunburst guitar and wide assortment of effects sounded extraordinary. The trio's subtle inflections, clicks, chirps and nuances produced sounds capes that made this show an inimitable experience. This ninety minute brilliant show was well worth the two-hour drive from Montreal to the small town of Victoriaville.

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