Billy Talent

This self titled album is Billy Talent's debut with a major label. The Toronto based quartet have emerged with their single "Try Honesty", as the video becomes a favorite o­n Much Music. Mixing up punk with rock n' roll, Billy Talent presents a different sort of sound than what's currently being played o­n the airwaves. Benjamin Kowalewicz (vocals) sings with great passion. He produces an old school punk rock whine and high pitched yell, as heard o­n the fiery "This Is How It Goes."  o­n occasion, the music will stop completely, spotlighting Kowalewicz's yelp. Ian D'Sa (guitars/vocals) and Jonathan Gallant (bass/vocals) chant high energy backup vocals while producing catchy danceable riffs and hooks. Aaron Slolwoniuk's (drums) beats are standard, but this works well with the band's retro sound. Many of the songs are about being deceived by girls, like "Lies" and "The Ex" and "Standing In The Rain". The lyrics are nicely written: metaphorical and serious o­ne minute, but then fun the next. "These strangers, are friends that you never met / They'll send them, sympathies with a Hallmark card" (Voices Of Violence). This album is perfect for fans of the old as well as the new.

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