Brian McKnight / From There To Here

The amazingly gifted singer, songwriter and musician Brian McKnight presents his best from 1989 to 2002 on "From There To Here." His first successful single "Love Is," sung alongside the talented Vanessa Williams displayed without a doubt that he was going to be a star someday. He climbed the charts with "Anytime," an album featuring some of his best work on tracks such as the emotional title track and the funky "You Should Be Mine (Don't waste your time) feat. Mase. Mr. Mcknight shines on "Back At One," and "Love Of My Life." His beautiful voice continues to impress on "Still In Love" and "Crazy Love." The soulful L.A. based vocalist offers up a couple of brand new tracks as well entitled "Let Me Love You," and the groovy "The Way I Do" feat. Mr. Cheeks and Baby. This guy can perform ballads that are so heartfelt and on the flipside entertain listeners with upbeat hip hop grooves as well. He is simply awesome. Go get this album.

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