Bringing Down the House (DVD Edition)

Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is a divorced lawyer whose world is turned upside down when he gets himself a date over the internet. He thinks he'll be meeting a blonde, white lawyer but instead gets a black, escaped female convict named Charlene (Queen Latifah).  There are some humorous bits in this film that worked, particularly the fight scene between Charlene and Ashley (Missi Pyle); Ashley brought being a bitch to a different level. You go girl!  Howie Rottman (Eugene Levy) was a treat to watch. Levy stole every scene he was in. The idea behind this film was a good o­ne, cultural differences do have the potential to be funny in a film. Bringing Down the House was enjoyable in places but I wouldn't sit through it again.  The kids might get a kick out of it, but adults, may feel differently.  DVD extras include: an insightful commentary track with director Adam Shankman and writer Jason Filardi, called Da commentary. Shankman and Filardi chronicled the positive chemistry present o­n the set.  A 16 minute behind-the-scenes featurette called Breaking Down the House acts as an extended trailer for the film with some funny moments delivered by the cast members. 'Bringing Down the House: The Godfather of Hop is a hilarious satirical 3 minute gag with Eugene Levy being the Snoop Dog that we all know he really is. Deleted Scenes gives us 7 deleted scenes that mostly just reiterate the racial humor overtly present in this film. Gag Reel:  Four minutes of humorous outtakes.  If you like Queen Latifah's music, check out her video for "Better Than the Rest."  Although the story may fall flat at times, fans of Steve Martin, Queen Latifah and Eugene Levy will enjoy the trio o­n their smaller screen at home.


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