Charles Dutoit

The music of Astor Piazzolla has shaped the Argentine Tango scene and gained him respect as a musician throughout Europe and the United States. His songs are a fusion of traditional tango, jazz and classical music. Piazzolla Tangazo is a tribute to Astor conducted by Charles Dutoit in collaboration with Montreal's Orchestra members, Daniel Binelli and Eduardo Isaac. The first piece is entitled "Adios Nonino." Oddly enough, the first minute of the song sounds like something you would hear in an old scary movie. It's dramatic but suddenly takes a turn and mellows out. "Milonga Del Angel" also shifts back and forth from slow to fast paced melodies. The third part of "Double Concerto" is a blend of instruments and is quite lively. "Oblivion" is relaxing to listen to. The third part of "Tres Movimientos Tanguisticos Portenos" will make you jump out of your seat during the first ten seconds with its dramatic debut. The rest of the song is a blend of unexpected beats. o­ne cannot tell what the next sound will be. Same goes for the other compositions o­n this CD.