China Strike Force / DVD Edition

China Strike Force is short o­n good acting but makes up for it with a variety of fight and action sequences. Director Stanley Tong (directed Rumble In The Bronx and Supercop) also wrote the screenplay for this martial arts film that is based in China.
Chinese security officer Darren (Aaron Kwok) and his partner Alex (Lee-Hom Wang) are members of Team 808, an elite crime-fighting force. Their mission, with the help of a beautiful Japanese intelligence officer (Norika Fujiwara), is to stop a huge drug cartel from operating in their city.  Rap star Coolio gives a strong performance as the vicious and racist co-leader of this cartel. As you can imagine, there are plenty of limbs flying about during the martial arts fighting scenes. It was fun to slow down the speed while watching this DVD, and really appreciate some of the moves. This movie reminded me of some of Jackie Chan's earlier movies – good action scenes that generally make up for the lack of character development and poor acting. The best part of the DVD for me, was at the end when they show out-takes of some of the action scenes.