"Hypertime"- A state of being that gives the average human the extraordinary ability to freeze time and wander the world undetected, wielding virtually unthinkable power. So say the press notes for Clockstoppers, a sci-fi adventure that takes great leaps of logic and physics and hopefully isn't intended for anyone over the age of 12 (included in that demographic are those adults who dutifully sit through After School Specials with their kids). I suspect that Clockstoppers shouldn't be reviewed by anybody not of the tween set but here goes: Teenage Zak (Jesse Bradford) is pissed off at his science professor dad George (Robin Thomas) for not getting him his dream car. While rummaging around in the family basement, Zak discovers a wristwatch that literally freezes time at the touch of a button, known here as hypertime. People in normal time can't see others in hypertime because their molecules are moving at hyperspeed, likewise those in hypertime see normal time people as frozen in time. That's the physics part. The rest of the film consists of Zak and his newfound Latina hottie Francesca (Paula Garces) running around town pulling pranks o­n their friends and strangers (with the watch), while the stereotyped band of evil assasins trying to overthrow the world endeavor to get the timepiece back from them. Let's call this o­ne a decent After School Special with neverending rocktune soundtrack and special effects, but I couldn't help but look at my watch at regular intervals. Maybe the pre-teens have more "in sync" with this o­ne.