Compay Segundo

Acclaimed musician Compay Segundo presents listeners with a compilation filled with melodic duets. "Saludo A Chango" is exotic in sound and has guest artist Khaled bringing a middle eastern vibe to it. Cesaria Evora teams up with Segundo for a sweet sounding Spanish track entitled "Lagrimas Negros." The melody of the flute is a nice addition as well. Lou Bega, the man who made a name for himself with the massive hit "Mambo #5" joins Segundo for the chirpy "Baby Keep Smiling." This is the o­nly track that has some english verses by the way. The world famous French vocalist Charles Aznavour sings his heart out o­n "Mortir De Amor." He sounds quite impressive singing in Spanish and compliments Segundo beautifully. The latin groove of "Macusa" with the collaboration of Pablo Milanes is an interesting blend of sounds. Even Antonio Banderas joins Segundo for the Spanish duet "Maria Of My Soul." Nice effort!!!