Cool And The Crazy / DVD Edition

"Rumble Fish" meets "Happy Days" in the "Cool And The Crazy," a 1994 made for television movie just released o­n DVD. Set in 1950's Los Angeles the situations in this film are topical and engaging. High school sweethearts, Roslyn (Alicia Silverstone) and Michael (Jared Leto) merry shortly after graduating from High school and face the sometimes harsh realities of post adolescent parenthood.  Roslyn's marriage begins to unravel as her friend Joannie (Jennifer Blanc) persuades "Ros" that she should shack up with bad boy Joey (Matthew Flint).  This film will appeal to fans of the stars.  18 year old Silverstone plays her role with conviction and reality; it's entertaining to watch her shine in this film. However, the predictable plot lines and several lack luster dialogues make for an over-all marginal film.  Watch this film for the laid back jazzy soundtrack and the neophyte performances by a few up and comers.

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