This movie was better than anticipated. I feared having to walk out… I did not. I found it entertaining, watching Britney's small and tight body gyrating o­n the screen. She sang, she danced… and tried to act. The movie is about friendships brought back to life and how, strangely, life always turns out for the best (especially for Britney). The movie had many subjects of interest such as teenage pregnancy and the stereotypes surrounding it, date rape, a single father's responsibility, abandonment, girl talk and its importance. The film does not pretend to be deep. It is a movie for teenager girls ranging from 12 to about 15 yrs old. It is aimed at young girls that still hope for a prince in shining armour to come and sweep them off their feet. I had a bout of nostalgia, I admit. I felt nostalgic about the freedom they expressed, the lack of responsibilities and the freshness of new found love… Being a teenager is harder in the 2000's, but Britney seems to have found the balance between lust, passion and innocence.

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